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Read Free Script Sample, Cast List for Laura Ingalls Wilder: Voice of the Prairie

One Act Play - Laura Ingalls Wilder: Voice of the Prairie

Commissioned and originally produced by the professional Repertory Theatre of St. Louis: Steven Woolf, Artistic Director
Mark D. Bernstein, Managing Director

 One Act Play - Laura Ingalls Wilder: Voice of the Prairie

Producers, this play for young audiences was professionally developed for St. Louis Rep, written for a small cast, low tech, professional school tour.

"This script blends contemporary history with her story. The play starts during the Civil War, with the division of the North and South, while also setting the scene of a little house in Wisconsin and a girl named Laura.  It gives a lot of understanding to the western migration."

Dale Schrag, Director, Family Children's Theatre

There are many suggestions for creative staging, good opportunities to showcase your best talents. Best of all, the play really holds a young audience's attention.

 One Act Play - Laura Ingalls Wilder: Voice of the Prairie

Rose Wilder Lane, Laura's Daughter, Tells Her Mother's Story.

 One Act Play - Laura Ingalls Wilder: Voice of the Prairie

History Comes Alive for Schools and Theatres! Principals and teachers love the educational tie-in to American History, Women's Studies, Native American History, American Literature.

Great Monologues for Women, Female Performers!


Laura Ingalls Wilder:
Voice of the Prairie
One Act Play for Teens, Schools and Theatres

Cast List
Script Sample

Running Time: About 50-55 minutes
Flexible cast of 14, 4 Male, 5 Female, 6 M/F
Easily adapted for smaller cast

In Alphabetical Order:

ALFRED A. KNOPF: Publisher and Editor (30 lines, M)

ALMANZO WILDER: Laura's Husband (62 lines, M)

DOCTOR: (6 lines, M/F)*

INDIAN: (3 lines, M/F)*


MA: Caroline Ingalls (50 lines, F)

MARY INGALLS (45 lines, F)

NARRATOR: (28 lines, M/F)

NEIGHBOR: (1 line, M)*

NORTHERNER: (4 lines, M/F)*

PA: Charles Ingalls (79 lines, M)

ROSE WILDER LANE: Laura's Daughter (53 lines, F)

SOUTHERNER: (3 lines, M/F)*

SUSAN B. ANTHONY: (1 line, F)*

*These parts are easily doubled.

Laura's Life On Stage for Kids!
One Act Play - Laura Ingalls Wilder: Voice of the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder - Voice of Prairie - Plays for Teens and Schools!

"With quick, sure brush strokes Miller evokes both the vivid sensory world and the loving family circle that surrounds Laura."
 Andrea Urice, Director, Imaginary Theatre, St. Louis


Laura's life on the Prairie is full of hardship and hope.  The rugged American landscape helps shape her into a courageous young woman.  When she meets Manly, she knows exactly what kind of life she wants to live...

LAURA: I thought when I grew up I’d wander, wherever the horizon took me. But when Almanzo – I called him Manly - asked me to ride in his buggy...

(ALMANZO helps her into buggy and then climbs up beside her.)

ALMANZO: Would you like to hold the reins?

LAURA: Oh, I shouldn’t! The horses look so young and wild.

ALMANZO: All of them are that way at first. They’re not wild exactly. They just haven’t decided to behave yet.

LAURA: But they wouldn’t be as much fun if they behaved.

ALMANZO: You think so? Here give them a try.

(LAURA sits and takes reins. The "horses" immediately kick up and LAURA and ALMANZO are thrown back.)

Hold on now, keep the reins tight. Don’t let him get the start on you.

LAURA: Look how the people stare, Manly. (Waving.) Oh, hi, Nellie! Yes, it’s me, Laura Ingalls! Aren’t these some fine horses? They’re from Egypt! (To ALMANZO.) Why is it such a sight to see a woman drive a horses anyway?

ALMANZO: They just don’t expect it, I guess.

LAURA: (Waving.) Maybe they should get used to it.

(ALMANZO takes the reins and stops the horses.)



ALMANZO: Would you like an engagement ring?

LAURA: What kind of engagement ring?

(ALMANZO opens a box.)


ALMANZO: I asked your Pa yesterday. He said it would be all right. If you should decide to say yes.

LAURA: He did, did he? I’ll take the ring ... on one condition.


LAURA: I don’t want the preacher to ask if I’ll obey you. I see how hard Ma and Pa work together and it seems like they’re partners. And they should agree on things together. Pa never asks Ma to obey him.

ALMANZO: That’s fine with me. I never had a single thought you’d ever obey me.

LAURA: And two...

ALMANZO: Two? You said you had one condition.

LAURA: Oh, Manly, I know you want to be a farmer, but I have a different kind of life in mind. A farmer is a slave to the animals, the weather...

ALMANZO: (Crestfallen.) Laura, I’m a farmer. That’s all I know how to be.

LAURA: I’ll make a deal with you.

ALMANZO: A deal?

LAURA: Three years. I’ll farm with you for three years and if we’re successful we’ll stay and earn our claim. And if we’re not – we’ll find another way to live. Agreed?

(She puts her hand out for a shake. ALMANZO is take aback by the business deal but finally decides to shake on it.)

ALMANZO: Agreed.

LAURA: You may kiss me now.

(He is so shy he barely pecks her cheek. Satisfied with the deal, she takes the reins and shakes them.)

All right then! Giddy-up!

Note: This is a sample from the actual script.  To review the entire play, order the PERUSAL SCRIPT (online instant download).

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