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ArtReach offers
Award-Winning Plays, Scripts and Musicals for Young Audiences and Young Performers!

  Playwright Kathryn Schultz Miller won the National Endowment for the Arts Playwrighting Award for A Thousand Cranes, Welcome Home and Trail of Tears.

ArtReach developed scripts have won 6 Ohio Arts Council Playwrighting Awards.

A Thousand Cranes is featured in Theatre for Young Audiences: 20 Great Plays for Children.

Twenty Great Plays for Children!

CColeman Jennings
St. Martin's Press

The Shining Moment won the Post-Corbett Award for Excellence in Playwrighting.

Many ArtReach Plays have been performed at the John F. Kennedy Center and by the Sundance Institute.

ArtReach Scripts have been performed literally thousands of times world-wide!

ArtReach Touring Theatre performed throughout the USA for over 20 years!



ArtReach Plays for Young Audiences! When Barry and I founded the ArtReach Touring Theatre three decades ago it took off like a kite in its very first years, winning the American Alliance of Theatre and Education award for the "Best new children's theatre in the United States".

Kathryn Schultz Miller and Barry Miller, ArtReach Plays.

ArtReach Plays.  Scripts, Plays and School Play Packages for Teachers and Students!
Mrs. Pedraza produced ArtReach's El Mago de Oz, London School, TX.

We want to make sure your special performance is a triumph Whether you are an experienced director or a drama club teacher just starting out, it is important that your efforts are rewarding and enjoyed by the performers, parents, teachers, and audience. 

ArtReach Children's Theatre Plays. Over the years our plays won awards from many sources including the National Endowment for the Arts and the Ohio Arts CouncilA Thousand Cranes was showcased at the John F. Kennedy Center and was named "One of 20 Great Plays for Children" (St. Martin's Press).

Kathryn Schultz Miller is the author of over 50 plays for young audiences. Her plays have been published by Dramatic Publishing, Anchorage, Pioneer, IE Clark and others.  She has received many awards including the National Endowment for the Arts Playwriting Award.  Ms. Miller's plays have been produced by amateur and professional theatre companies around the world. Having served as Artistic Director of the professional ArtReach Touring Theatre for over 20 years, Ms. Miller is one of the nation's most produced playwrights for young people.

Many of ArtReach's plays include meaningful audience participation that brings the kids right into the heart of the story.  Each play is carefully plotted and revolves around believable and compelling characters. ArtReach's plays are never campy, never fractured fairy tales. These plays put the child first - with stories they will instantly recognize as the real thing - something terrific, crafted just for them.

Scripts and Plays for Young Audiences and Children's Theatre!  ArtReach!

Award Winning Plays for Kids!  ArtReach! We published this website in 2000 and were quickly swept up into its tremendous success!  We discovered there was a great need for plays that truly engaged their young audiences - a great need for plays that have been produced many times and painstakingly revised.  A great need for professionally written plays for large casts of young performers.

Barry Miller has been involved in music and technical theatre all his life, in his community and in children's productions.  He has also created and managed latin bands for many years.  Barry and Kathy have worked together to create professional theatre and now create exciting new plays for kids to perform in their schools.

Plays and Scripts for Schools and Theatres!  ArtReach Children's Theatre Plays!
BJ Winter, Director of Sixth Grade School Play.  Indian Mountain School, Lakeville, CT

Your time is important. That's why we made every one of ArtReach's plays Downloadable. You need flexibility in payment, that's why we accept credit cards and purchase orders. You can place your order by email, phone or fax.  Click here if you have questions, or just pick up the phone!

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Nancy Hammer, Librarian, Producer of ArtReach Plays for Kids!
Librarian Nancy Hammer, Young Peter Pan Cast, Shoultes Elementary School, Shoultes WA

ArtReach Plays for Young Audiences! The very best scripts capture young imaginations and hold tight.  They delight, entertain, stir creative thought and inspire kids to look at their world with new eyes. 

ArtReach Plays for Young Audiences! ArtReach's plays work because they have been tried and tested many, many times.  We're confident you'll find what you are looking for here at ArtReach

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