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'Kid Frankenstein' is a fun comedy satire for Young People to Perform!  Thrills and laughs are in store as kids perform this popular classic!

 Kid Frankenstein is fun play for Kids to Perform!

 Frankenstein School PlaySchool Play Package Includes:  Master Script, Teachers Guide, Soundtrack CD and the rights to perform the play one time.  Additional performance licenses are available!

  Frankenstein Play for for Halloween!

Kid Frankenstein Fun for Kids!A simple setting using found basement objects is all that is needed. Costumes are contemporary kids clothes.  Use your imagination to create your own unique Monster!

Zany Science Experiments in Kid Frankenstein!

 Kid Mad Scientist Kid Frankenstein Lots of staging suggestions in the Teachers Guide!

 All parts in Kid Frankenstein may be played by boys or girls.

 Comedy for Kids! Laughter and silliness are the main ingredients of ArtReach's School Play comedy 'Kid Frankenstein'.  Perfect for Halloween or any time of year!

 Fun Frankenstein Monster in ArtReach's new play!

  Play Script for Young People Every Kid has a Special Moment: Every character has name and lines or significant action! 

Laughs and Thrills in Kid Frankenstein "Crazy am I? We'll see if I'm crazy or not!" - Mad Scientist Frankie Stein in ArtReach's newest play 'Kid Frankenstein'!

  Frankenstein for young people.

 Playscript Frankenstein for Kids! Uh-oh! Did they use Einstein's brain?  Or was it Little Fluffy's?


Kid Frankenstein! Kid Frankenstein Frankenstein Play for Kids!
Hilarious Comedy Play for Kids to Perform!

Large Cast School Play Version for Students and Schools!
FULL DOWNLOAD - Entire School Play Package with Soundtrack Files

New Play for Kids! Brand New Playscript from ArtReach! New Play from ArtReach!

School Play Package Finally!  Frankenstein is Kid-Friendly! Downloadable!
Kid Frankenstein Frankenstein play for kids to perform!
Kid Frankenstein!  Frankie the Kid Mad Scientist has some zany ideas!

Funny Frankenstein Play for Young People! Frightfully funny laughs are in store in this bright new version of Mary Shelley's classic Frankenstein - adapted just for kids to perform!

"I purchased the perusal script for Kid Frankenstein.  I loved it!"
Michael Doody, Hilda Walker Intermediate School, Tinley Park IL 

Frankie Stein's Zany Experiment Comes to Life!
Frankenstein is appropriate for kids! Monsters don't have to be scary - Frankenstein Monster!ArtReach's Kid Frankenstein is never too scary for the little ones!

School Play Package for Kid Frankenstein Frankie and Irving are science nerds who have an unusual idea for the upcoming Science Fair!  When Doctor Frankenstein's ancient secret book arrives from Transylvania, the friends are whisked into a sci-fi fantasy of time-warped, weirdly scary and lively adventure!

School Play Package Affordable School Play Package! Frankenstein for kids.


Order Kid Frankenstein

Fun Play script for Children! Welcome to My Laboratory!  Ha-ha! Fun Play for kids - Kid Frankenstein
Kid Scientists love 'Kid Frankenstein'! Frankenstein play for young people.
Three friends try to follow Doctor Frankenstein's instructions!

Kids love Frankenstein! Frankie needs a brain for his new monster!  Irving and Helga sneak into the science lab to grab a monkey brain but it gets mixed up with the brain of little Fluffy, a sweet puppy dog.  Hilarity ensues as Frankie and his crew present a surprising monster to the Science Fair!

Fun comedy for School Plays. Villagers Rally Against the Monster! Kids love to perform FrankensteinFun for kids - Kid FrankensteinKid Frankenstein Play for Kids to Perform
Large parts are divided so more kids can play their favorite roles!

Special New Comedy from ArtReach! Troublemakers T-Bone and his Gang of Bonez try to ruin Frankie's plans even as the Monster terrifies the Villagers.  Science Teacher Mrs. Newton comes to the rescue. Only she can stop the terrible brain transference!  Villagers storm the kids' basement laboratory just in time for nutty Principal Klondike to restore order. The lovable Monster is returned to his owner and everyone lives happily ever after!

Frankenstein Downloadable Affordable School Play Package! Frankenstein Large Cast Play for Kids


Order Kid Frankenstein

Mulan play Teachers, this script is a fun and hilarious play for your students! School kids are storytellers who keep the action moving.  Your kids will love to play these zany characters!

Zany fun in a School Play A Cast Full of Nutty Characters! Comedy and lughs in Frankenstein
Crazy Experiments for Frankenstein Frankenstine Halloween fun for kids.
Welcome to the World's Craziest Science Fair!

A Flexible Cast of up to 30 Students: Easily adapted for a smaller or larger cast. Add as many roles as you like!  Larger roles are divided to make it easy for more kids to perform!

Just for Kids:  The spooky story is adapted just for kids!  No horror - only fun! 

Great Parts for Boys and Girls: All parts may be played by boys or girls. 

About 45-55 minutes long: Long enough to be a substantial project and short enough to accommodate your teaching schedule.

CD Soundtrack: The School Play Package includes a terrific CD (or audio files) of sound effects and music for that professional touch!

Frankenstein School Play Package Affordable School Play Package! Frankenstein is Large Cast play Kids


Order this Play!

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