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ArtReach's 'Alice in Christmas Land' is hilarious musical fun for kids, schools and families! 

 ArtReach's Musical: Alice in Christmas Land!

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! "Alice in Wonderland was a big hit for us!" 

Brandon Thomsen, Quincy Community Theatre, IL

 It's Christmas in Wonderland!

 Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! "Our community theater performed Alice in Wonderland!!  It was great fun and a huge hit!  The children are already asking what play we are planning next.  We will definitely use ArtReach Plays again!"
Pantotoc Community Theatre, MS

 The Cheshire Cat gets dressed up for Christmas!

Plays for Schools, Teachers and Students!Alice in Christmas Land is easy for you to direct and your young cast to rehearse and perform!

 Caterpillar's mushroom is a cupcake in Alice in Christmas Land!

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! Instead of a Wonderland mushroom, Alice discovers a Christmas cupcake!

 The cards are tree decorators in Alice in Christmas Land!

School Scripts and Plays! "We had about 25 speaking parts and 35 ensemble parts! We will continue to come to you for all our children's plays!"

Karen Dougherty & Nancy Lockhart, Jackson School Lawrenceville, GA

 Six Alices in Alice in Christmas Land!

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! Teachers, this School Play Version of Alice in Christmas Land is written just for you and your students. Six Alices make it possible more girls (and boys!) to play the lead role!  No crying about who gets to be the "star"!

 Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Alice in Christmas Land

School Scripts and Plays! Tweedlesum and Tweedledee are a delight as they lead Alice on a flight above Christmas Land, where they see the Christmas Stor!

Carroll's Classic for Kids to Perform at Christmas!

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! ArtReach's School Play Version, of Alice in Wonderland requires no professional experience in theatre. It is written in simple terms with lots of practical suggestions.

Children's Scripts and Plays for Kids to Perform! "Our Club includes 3rd through 5th graders.  We love your scripts!"

Jennifer Sypert,  Mesquite, Texas

 Fun musical for kids to perform at Christmas!


School Play for Kids! Alice in Christmas Land Play for Schools!
Large Cast School Play for Children to Perform!

Cast List
CD Soundtrack Cues
Script Sample

Running Time: About 40-45 minutes
Flexible Cast of 25: 1 Male, 6 Female, All others M/F
Note: ALL characters may be played by males or females.
Easily adapted for larger or smaller cast

LEWIS CARROLL  (M/F - 27 lines)

ALICE #1  (F/M - 19 lines)
ALICE #2  (F/M - 33 lines)
ALICE #3  (F/M - 13 lines)
ALICE #4  (F/M - 34 lines)
ALICE #5  (F/M - 28 lines)
ALICE #6  (F/M - 36 lines)

ANGEL  (M/F - 12 lines)
CANDY  (M/F - 10 lines)
JINGLE (M/F - 10 lines)
HOLLY  (M/F - 10 lines)
SNOW  (M/F - 11 lines)

WHITE RABBIT  (M/F - 19 lines, song)

CATERPILLAR  (M/F - 8 lines)

TWEEDLEDUM  (M/F - 15 lines, song)

TWEEDLEDEE  (M/F - 15 lines, song)

CHESHIRE CAT  (M/F - 10 lines, song)

MAD HATTER  (M/F - 21 lines, song)

DORMOUSE  (M/F - 4 lines, song)

MARCH HARE  (M/F - 6 lines, song)

RALPH  (M/F - 4 lines)
MARTHA  (M/F - 4 lines)
CALVIN  (M/F - 5 lines

QUEEN/KING OF HEARTS  (M/F - 48 lines total, song)
QUEEN #1  (M/F - 24 lines, song)
QUEEN #2  (M/F- 24 lines)

"ALLEN" IN CHRISTMAS LAND? Why should girls have all the fun?  There's no reason why Alice must be a girl.  Mix it up and let some boys play Alice and/or the Queen of Hearts.  Every part in the play may be played by either gender.

Easy to Adapt to Your School's Needs!
Large Cast School Play - Alice in Wonderland Large Cast School Play - Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland, Pontotoc Community Theater, Pontotoc, MI

The School Play Package gives you the rights to adapt the script - add as many lines, characters, scenes and songs as you like.  You also have the right to make a Video/DVD of your special performance!

"It was so easy to work with the script and adapt it to my students needs."
Sherri Alejandro, Carden El Encanto School, Santa Cruz CA


Written especially for young people to perform.
While you may find large cast plays from other publishers, most of those were originally written for adults or professional actors to perform. They often contain difficult dialogue, unfamiliar or complex language, and speeches too long for young children to memorize. They may even contain jokes, innuendos and subject matter that may not be appropriate for children.

Easy to understand and memorize.
Dialogue is simple, fresh, quick and humorous, keeping the action flowing without stops and starts between scenes. This keeps young people and young audiences engaged throughout the performance - no awkward pauses, no dead-time, no wiggles!

Everyone participates!
All children are involved throughout the performance. This builds confidence, promotes team spirit and eliminates rehearsal rowdiness. The audience is often asked to join in the fun, and action often spills into the aisles! All of our SCHOOL PLAYS give suggestions on how to divide up large parts (such as Alice or Cinderella) among several performers so that no one child is the "star".

Familiar stories with upbeat endings.
The story line stays as close as possible to the familiar story the kids already know.  While some authors feel the need to "improve" the story, our SCHOOL PLAYS stay as close to the familiar narrative as possible, making it easier for children - and your audience - to understand.

Feel free to edit!  Go ahead and tape it!
Most publishers insist that no changes may be made to their scripts.  We know that your goal is to engage every child in the most meaningful way and that your needs are unique.  Cut, eliminate, re-assign lines, or add as much as you like!  Also, there are no restrictions on video tapes.  Parents want a tape or DVD to remember their child's big moment.   Go ahead and tape away!

Kathryn Schultz Miller is one the most prolific and most produced playwrights for children.  Her script, A THOUSAND CRANES, won the National Endowment for the Arts Playwright Award (and countless others) at a time when plays for children were not considered serious works. Now, many of her published scripts are considered classics for young audiences.  When teachers voiced their need for great plays that kids can perform Ms. Miller responded with ArtReach’s School Plays:  “I never dreamed I’d write for anyone other than professionals.  But writing for child performers has been the most profound and rewarding experience of my life”.


In the past few years we've seen a tremendous increase of confidence in the teachers we hear from.  Most are finding it easier to let the process flow and worry less about the final product.  I firmly believe that the experience will be best for all when you keep a few things in mind:

Free yourself from worry about whether or not it's "good".  No one is paying big ticket prices; no one expects a Broadway success.  The key to making this project meaningful is to put the emphasis on process; realize that rehearsal and practice are as much a part of the experience as the actual performance.  Encourage fun and you will free the children from embarrassment and stress.  If the kids can't learn the lines let them carry a script or use their own words to convey the character's message.  If they seem to wander the stage, let them explore where they want to go - they might surprise you with a wonderful idea.  In every aspect of the process give them the wings to create and think.  Give them a comfortable, supportive place to go and their confidence and self-expression will soar!

Above all else, make sure you are having fun.  If you've never directed a play before, don't worry.  It's all just pretend -- you can't do it wrong!  The quality of your experience is every bit as important as that of the children.  You need the joy of self-expression too, that doesn't go away when we grow up.  So give yourself a break.  And when all else fails, laugh!

Thank you so much for choosing Alice in Christmas Land.  I hope you and your young friends have as much fun performing this play as I did writing it.


Cues, sound effects, background music (traditional-classical)

The CD Soundtrack contains special sound effects and background music (public domain traditional-classical) that may be used to greatly enhance the performance. It also contains simple Christmas music to accompany the performers as they sing the songs in the play (song cues shown below in red). Cues have 10 seconds of silence at the end - times shown below include silence.
[ Click on [sample] to hear a short sample of the indicated cues. ]

 1. INTRO "WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS"  (0:30) [sample]

 2. "I'M LATE" MUSIC  (3:58) [sample]


 4. GROWING SOUND, TWEEDLES MUSIC  (0:53) [sample]


 6. GROW-SHRINK, CHESHIRE CAT MUSIC  (0:49) [sample]



 9. DORMOUSE SONG: "JOY TO THE WORLD"  (1:17) [sample]

 10. MAGICAL GARDEN SOUNDS  (0:39) [sample]

 11. QUEEN FANFARE  (0:32)

 12. QUEEN SONG: "SILENT NIGHT"  (1:43) [sample]

 13. COURT FANFARE  (0:24) [sample]

 14. BONG! CHAOTIC MUSIC  (0:50)

 15. "WE WISH YOU A MERRY..." ONE VERSE  (0:25)

 16. "WE WISH YOU A MERRY..." FULL SONG  (1:36)

 17. "WE WISH YOU A MERRY..." FINALE VERSE  (0:28) [sample]

 18. CURTAIN CALL MUSIC  (2:39) [sample]


Note: Some teachers choose familiar songs, obtain sheet music and insert these songs into the play.  We recognize that each school has a wide variety of educational needs to fulfill and we invite you to be creative in your use of our scripts; including changes or additions that are appropriate for your students. As author/publisher of our own creative works, we do ask that you obtain proper copyright permission for any additions you might make - that responsibility is up to you.

Music & Sound Resources Available on the Internet
( Sheet Music, Song Books, CDs, DVDs, Sing-along, Karaoke, Sound Effects )

Internet Music Resources: Karaoke CDs & Sheet Music
Christmas Musical Resources! Internet Resources for Christmas Music! Internet Resources for Christmas Songs! Christmas Music Resources! Christmas Music on the Internet!
Click to search Internet for karaoke cds or sheet music


The story is just as you remember it but with a Christmas twist... Here is Alice at the Mad Hatter's tea party that has nothing to do with tea!.
(Script pages 27-31)

ALICE #4:  A tea party! Oh, I would like to have some tea!

MAD HATTER:  This is not a tea party.

ALICE #4:  But the table is all set for tea.

MAD HATTER:  It is a Christmas tree decorating party.

ALICE #4:  But I don't see any tree.

MAD HATTER:  Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there.

ALICE #4:  But that's exactly what it means!

MAD HATTER:  It is not very civil of you.

MARCH HARE:  Not very civil at all.

ALICE #4:  But I can't see what is not there.

MAD HATTER:  (To ALICE #4.) Put this teacup at the top of the tree.

ALICE #4:  But a star goes at the top, not a teacup!


MAD HATTER:  Now, now, little miss!  Whose tree is it anyway?

ALICE #4:  It's nobody's tree if it isn't there!

MAD HATTER:  Ah ha!  (Picking something up star from tea tray, eyeing ALICE #4 with accusation.)   Well, well, well.  What have we here?

(MAD HATTER holds up an ornament, a star.)

ALICE #4:  It's a star!  Why is it on the tea tray?

MARCH HARE:  (Suspiciously.)   I'm sure she don't know.

MAD HATTER:  There's no use denying it!  You put the star here, did you not?

ALICE #4:  How could I put the star on the tea tray?  I only just got here.

MAD HATTER:   Which was very impolite of you!

MARCH HARE:  Very impolite, indeed.

MAD HATTER:  Now be a goose, Dormouse, and put this star at the bottom of the tree.

ALICE #4:  But the star goes at the top of the tree.


MAD HATTER:  Then just where do you propose to put the teacup, if I may ask?

ALICE #4:  Why on the table of course!

MAD HATTER:  Dormouse here is so upset at your behavior that he feels it necessary to sing a song.

ALICE #4:  Well I hope it is a Christmas song at least.

MAD HATTER: Of, course it is.  Dormouse, begin.

(SOUND CUE #9: "Joy to the World" tune [short intro].) [sample]

DORMOUSE:  (Singing.)

Joy to the chickens
For eggs are good
We like them best with ham!
Let every duck -- and partridge hear
We love our eggs and ham 
We love our eggs and ham
We love -- and love -- our eggs with ham!

(SOUND: About 5 secs of silence [4 bars in tempo] for the following lines then music resumes for rest of song.)

MAD HATTER:  Excellent!

DORMOUSE:  (To MAD HATTER and MARCH HARE.)  Join me, please.



We take our tea
With lots of milk
And then we dance a jig!   (All three dance.)
Let every cow -- and barnyard sow
Oh, dance a joyful jig
Oh, dance a joyful jig
Let every cow -- join in our jig.


ALICE #4:  But that's not a proper Christmas carol!

MAD HATTER:  Of course it is!  It speaks very well of dairy products!

ALICE #4:  But that's not what Christmas is all about.


ALICE #4:  No one here knows anything about Christmas at all!

MAD HATTER:  Off with her head!

ALICE #4:  I beg your pardon?

MAD HATTER:  That's exactly what the Queen says to little girls like you.

MARCH HARE:  Suppose we change the subject.

ALICE #4:  This is the stupidest Christmas party I was ever at in all my life.

DORMOUSE:  How rude.

(MAD HATTER tidies picks up tea things.)

MAD HATTER:  The very idea. Come along March Hare, Dormouse. We can do without her very nicely, I am sure.

(MAD HATTER, MARCH HARE & DORMOUSE march off in a snit, exiting.)

SNOW:  Just as the Mad Hatter disappeared...

CANDY:  Alice noticed a tree that had a door leading right into it.

ALICE #4:  (Looks up to screen, sees "door".) That's very curious!  But everything's curious today.  I may as well go in.

(She opens "door" and STORYTELLERS make "creek" sound. She steps behind screen. 

OPTIONAL TRANSITION: ALICE #4 exits behind screen as ALICE #5 enters from the opposite side.) 

JINGLE:  At last, Alice found herself in the beautiful garden.

(SOUND CUE #10:  Magical sound: harp, chimes, flute, etc.; fades during following scene.  [sample]

STORYTELLERS make magical sound such as chimes. ANGEL sets the scene as he speaks, putting a stool in place and becoming the "Christmas tree", holding an ornament up in each hand.  Other STORYTELLERS will stand beside him passing him more ornaments as needed during the following scene.)

ANGEL:  A large Christmas tree stood near the entrance of the garden.

ALICE #5:  (Looking at ornaments ANGEL is holding.)  What pretty ornaments!

(DECORATORS RALPH, MARTHA and CALVIN enter with small ladders or they may place benches near "Christmas tree" and climb them, indicating ladders.)

HOLLY:  The decorations were beautiful but...

SNOW:  There were several decorators busily taking them down.

(DECORATORS climb ladders and take ANGEL's ornaments and throw them on the ground. SOUND CUE ENDS.)

ALICE #5:  Oh, no!  (Picking up ornaments.)  You dropped something, sir!

RALPH:  (Taking ornament.)  Thankee, miss!  (Throws it back on the ground.)

ALICE #5:  But you dropped it again! 

(She hands it back to RALPH who throws it back down again.  MARTHA takes off an ornament and throws it down.)

You should be more careful!  You're breaking them!

MARTHA:  That's the whole idea, miss!

RALPH:  We puts 'em up and each day we come back next day and tears 'em down!

(RALPH throws another on the ground.)

ALICE #5:  But that's wasteful.  You're supposed to put them up once and leave them up until Christmas is over!

CALVIN:  That won't do for this Queen, young lady.

RALPH:  This Queen likes 'em good and smashed every single day!

MARTHA:  Nothing but new ornaments every day for this Queen!

Note: This is a sample from the actual script.  To review the entire play, order the PERUSAL SCRIPT (online instant download). Or to save 20% on the full production kit and royalty for one performance, order the SCHOOL PLAY PACKAGE (below) and start rehearsals today!


One payment for everything you need to perform the play at your school or organization. No need to purchase multiple scripts, no royalty quote, no separate royalty payment. Order the School Play Package and you're done -- start rehearsals immediately!

1. Master Script ($9.95)
2. Teachers Guide ($9.95)
3. CD Soundtrack ($29.95)
4. Performance License ($60.00)
(License: Rights to copy script, Royalty for one performance)
Get Everything ($109.85 value) - Only $99.95

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